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When you open a forex demo account with IBFX, you get to experience all the benefits of MetaTrader 4 while putting your strategies to the test under live market conditions - with no risk whatsoever. The IBFX demo account is designed to enable beginner and advanced traders to experience the IBFX trading platform and leverage the full suite of IBFX trading tools.

By downloading your forex demo account below, you get all the benefits of IBFX without any obligation to fund your account. We want you to experience, first hand, why we believe IBFX is the best forex broker.


Trading and account reporting for an IBFX live trading account may differ from the way data appears in your MetaTrader4 (“MT4”) demo account or any transaction record generated from your MT4 demo platform. This is because trades placed in a live account, and shown on a live account statement, have been offset First In First Out (“FIFO”) as required by NFA Compliance Rule 2-43(b). What this means is in a live trading account older trades of the same size and symbol are always offset before newer trades of that size and symbol. MT4 may show open positions that are in fact closed or closed positions that still remain open. All information from the MT4 platform is for informational purposes only and is not representative of the FIFO offsetting occurring in your account.

Demo Trading Account Benefits

Our free non-expiring* Forex demo account gives you unlimited access to our trading software and to our library of Forex trading tools.

You'll receive:

  • Real-time bid/ask quotes
  • Fractional pip pricing (5 decimal)
  • Professional charting
  • News & commentary
  • Award-winning support
  • Free forex education
  • And more!

*Please be advised that our free non-expiring Forex demo accounts will expire after 20 days if not actively traded.

  • Windows Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 or greater
  • 2.0 GHz processor with 512 MB RAM
  • Internet connection
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Forex trading is one of the riskiest forms of investment available and may not be suitable for all traders.
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