Volatility Indicator

Discover where the market volatility is with the Volatility Indicator

As frequent traders have realized, market volatility has been down. For example, volatility for the EUR/USD has halved from October 2011 to May 2012!

For this reason we created a new indicator for MT4 that shows you which pairs are the most volatile, and then correlates that with the pip value. For example, some exotic currency pair may move hundreds and hundreds of pips in a day, but that doesn’t equate to much when the pip value is only cents. It is important to take into consideration both the movement of a pair and the value of those moves!

Use this indicator to learn which currencies are experiencing volatility.


  • Add or remove the symbols you’re interested in by typing in the symbol in all caps.
  • Default settings calculate volatilty over a 24 hour period for the hourly rates, and over a 20 day period (which is about 1 trading month) for the daily rates.
  • UseAccountCurrency - Change this setting to true if your account currency is in a currency other than USD.

Risk Disclaimer

Our multibank liquidity feed delivers pricing from major money center banks right to your trading platform. In volatile or low liquidity market times, spreads may fluctuate and you may encounter slippage. Please take that into consideration when you are trading during volatile time periods. Fills are not guaranteed, especially during fast-moving market conditions, orders may not be filled as placed, and substantial losses may still occur.

Expert Advisors, Indicators and Scripts are not guaranteed to produce any particular outcome. As a trader, you are responsible for any trades created by any expert advisor you use. It is highly recommended that you use any advisor for an extended period of time on demo accounts and verify that it's producing your desired outcome.

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